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What We Are Looking For

  • Individuals who are passionate about teaching
  • A person with the right qualities to be a committed teacher
  • A person who shows an interest in working with young people
  • An individual with excellent communication and organisational skills
  • Ability to work as a member of team
  • Ability to establish good working relationships

Teacher Training

Our teacher training programme will run for one year where trainees will attend regular lecture at the Academy alongside a teaching placement at one of our partner schools

In our partner school, you will be provided with a mentor who will support and guide you in your teaching practice.  Our programmes have been designed to build your confidence, subject knowledge and making you an effective classroom practitioner.

In our experience, we believe that school-based teacher training is far more beneficial for our trainees as it provides the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge right away.

Through our rigorous, comprehensive programme, we can recruit high calibre trainees and turn them into most effective classroom teachers who in turn will have a positive impact on student outcomes by providing stimulating and challenging teaching.

You will be fully supported during your time at RV Academy by lectures and mentors.  We aim to provide employment (depending upon vacancies available) at our partner schools.  As our trainees move on with their careers and enter leadership roles they will influence education at all levels.

Our vision is to train high calibre individuals into leader of education.  We are excited about the new innovative teaching methods in our Academy and the impact they have on student teachers

We Also Deliver Short Course


What we can offer

If you are a graduate and have been working for around three years, School Direct (salaried) courses are available exclusively for you.


What we can offer

If you are a graduate and have been working for around three years, School Direct (salaried) courses are available exclusively for you.

who have:

  • Excellent communication and organisational skills.
  • Commitment to working hard.
  • Ability to establish good working relationships.
  • Confidence and ability to engage with children.
  • Commitment to a professional team.
  • Commitment to excellence in education.
  • Flexibility.
  • Improved exam results
  • Improved progress within specific department or specialist areas.
  • Improved attendance
  • Improved Ofsted evidence
  • Successful Academy transition
  • Improved behaviour / discipline
  • Progress in closing the achievement gap (particularly in relation to pupils in receipt of FSM and vulnerable groups).
  • Reduction of in-school variation
  • Evidence of external accreditation
  • Improved growth, confidence and learning
  • Improved quality of teaching and learning
  • Improved CPD
  • Improved knowledge management
  • Falling rates of staff absence
  • Improved team ethos / morale
  • Increased networks / partnerships and collaboration
  • Improved development of ITT / NQTs
  • Increased willingness to secure accountability of others
  • Increased leadership profile
  • Improved internal processes and standards
  • Improved self-evaluation
  • Improved planning, including strategic planning
  • Greater focus on priorities
  • Improved financial processes and systems
  • Improved views of parents, governors and others in the community.
  • Increased support for the most able pupils.
  • Greater progress by individual children
  • More developed system leadership roles locally or nationally.

School Led Teacher Training

Our mission is to recruit, develop exceptional professionas, by offering second to non Teacher Training with our partners of schools.  Our traning programmes have been designed to build your confidence and subject knowledge, and give you the necessary skills to become an effective classroom teacher for 21st century teachcing and learning.

We provide one-to-one support and access to a comperhensive and taliored Professional Development package, will will ensure you are fully supported during your training and your professional development

Module 1: Professinal Development

This module will develop teachers/student teacher to understand the importance of Time Management, Goal Settting and how Growth Mindset will help in their personal development.


Module 2: Foundation of Education

The purpose of this module is to reflect on the philosophical, sociological, physcological foundation of education.  This module will highlight the Theories of Education.

Module 3: 21st Century Teaching

This module is based on the modern  21st century teaching and learning methods which are employed in developed countries including USA, UK and Europe.


Module 4: Child Behaviour

The biggest issue faced by teachers is child behaviour.  This module will introduce the teacher to the underlying causes of challenging behaviour and provide strategies to deal with issue.


Module 5: Lesson Planning

In this module teacher and student teachers will understand the importance of lesson planning.  How lesson planning can raise the performance of the teacher in the classroom.

Module 6 Applying for your 1st Job

In this module students will be taught how to prepare a professional CV and conduct themselves in an interview.


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