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If you can read this, thanks a TEACHER
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If you can read this, Thank a TEACHER

Teacher who love teaching, teach children to love LEARNING
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If you are looking for a challenging and a rewarding career then teaching is for you. In our Teacher Training course we have covered every aspect of becoming an excellent teacher.

We provide support and training opportunites for staff at all levels of experience; student teachers and experienced teachers.

Support for individual development and career choice is at the heart of our institute.  If you are an experienced teacher and would like to enhance your teaching skills further, we have developed a special Professional Development Training course.


Meet the dynamic and committed team of highly experienced staff who work at the RVA


Our mission is to recruit, develop exceptional professionals by offering excellent teacher training course


If you have any queries or would like to discuss your career ambitions do not hesitate to contact us

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Support and advice for individual development and career choice is at the heart of our staff and we provide training opportunities for all levels of experience

We specialize in providing bespoke teacher training to individuals ranging from new teachers to experienced teachers

School Led Teacher Training

Our mission is to recruit, develop exceptional professionals, by offering second to none Teacher Training with our partners schools.  Our traning programmes have been designed to build your confidence, subject knowledge and give you the necessary skills to become an effective classroom teacher for 21st century teaching and learning.

We provide one-to-one support and access to a comperhensive and tailored Professional Development package. We will ensure you are fully supported during your training and your professional development.


Professonal Learning and Development

We believe that the best teachers have an impact on student learning and results.  Our programmes are suited to all teachers whether they are at the start of their career journey or more experienced.  Teachers are considered leaders in their classroom and we provide a range of leadership development programmes

Supporting other School

We work very closely with our partner  schools where trainees will be placed for their one year teaching experience. Support is provided to both student teachers and their mentors in the school.  This is done by having regular meetings with both student teachers and mentors.

School - Led Teacher Training

This common practice in USA, UK and Europe is being introduced through our Academy.  Student teachers will be working alongside their mentors in the classroom and embed their theory in the environment of the classroom.

Specialist leaders of education

At Right Vision Academy Teacher Training Institute our team is made up professionals with varying experience in education both national and international. They range from leader in education, to classroom based teacher


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